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Healing Through Pet Surgery

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We know the idea of your pet having surgery can be stressful. Rest assured, we only suggest surgery solely for your pet's well-being.

Be it a planned elective procedure or an unexpected surgery due to illness or injury, our team aims to keep the process as stress and pain-free as possible.

Surgical Procedures

The highly-skilled veterinarians at Coal Creek Animal Hospital are equipped to perform many routine surgical procedures using the latest technology and strict surgical protocols. The most common soft tissue surgeries we see are:

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What to Expect: Before Surgery

Before each procedure, we will make sure that you fully understand why we are recommending surgery, and that you are comfortable deciding to move ahead.

Once the surgery is planned, we will run a pre-surgical assessment, which includes blood work that is reviewed by the vet to determine if your pet may face any risk of anesthesia-related complications.

Pets are admitted in the morning, and we ask that you restrict food after 10 p.m. the night before surgery. When you bring your pet in, a team member will review what to expect and answer any final questions. We will also provide updates throughout the day.

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What to Expect: During Surgery

During surgery, a technician will monitor their vital signs including blood pressure, respiration, and body temp (providing heating support as needed). Pain management is also provided.

What to Expect: Recovery

Following each surgery, monitoring, temperature support, and pain management are our top priorities. Your vet will review the surgery with you and provide thorough instructions for at-home care. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled at the time of pick-up.

Advanced Surgical Procedures

The team at CCAH is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet. For our clients in need of more complex soft tissue surgeries, we have partnered with a board-certified mobile orthopedic surgeon to provide their services at our practice.

If you think your pet may need surgery, please call us today to schedule a consultation.