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Dog laying in owner's lap

A Loving Goodbye

Dog licking another dog

End-Of-Life Care

You've been there for your pet through thick and thin, and the idea of saying goodbye is heartbreaking. We know the pain you're experiencing, and we consider it a privilege to help your pet cross over the rainbow bridge with you by their side.

Quality-Of-Life Services

Our quality-of-life care is focused on maintaining your pet's comfort at home for as long as possible. Our goal is to craft a personalized care plan for your pet, which may include managing pain and mobility. We'll go over the quality-of-life scale so you know what to look for at home and to help prepare you to make the compassionate choice when the time comes. We are fully dedicated to supporting you and respecting your decisions throughout this journey.

Cat sitting on dock

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

We want to support you throughout this difficult decision. Whether you choose to bring your pet in for their peaceful passing, or you need a referral for an in-home goodbye, we are here for you. If you choose to bring your pet in, we will do our best to create a loving and calm environment for you and your best friend. We can prescribe anti-anxiety medication as needed, and recommend that you bring in their favorite blankets or toys. We will give you as much time as you need to privately say goodbye.

When you feel ready your veterinarian will inject a sedative to help your pet fall into a deep sleep. Once they are sound asleep and relaxed, we will administer the final injection that will allow your pet to pass peacefully. After your pet has crossed over the rainbow bridge, we will give you additional time and space to be with your pet.

Call us if you are facing end-of-life decisions and would like to discuss your options.