Dog getting x-ray.

There have been incredible developments in the field of veterinary medicine over the last two decades. With the goal of improving pet health, especially as they age, two treatments are at the forefront. Librela and Solensia target pain caused by arthritis, which makes cats and dogs happier and more comfortable. Since two out of every five pets experience chronic arthritis pain, it’s fitting that we address how to manage symptoms. 

Signs of Arthritis

Arthritis can develop slowly. As pets age, common signs include:

  • Limping
  • Stiffness
  • Reluctance to go up/down stairs
  • Hesitance to jump on/off furniture or in/out of a car
  • Increased lethargy
  • Irritability and other personality changes
  • Sensitivity to touch

Genetics, injury, and obesity are the primary causes of pet arthritis, but symptoms can also stem from infection, poor conformation, cartilage deficits, and more. 

There are many ways to help pets manage pain and inflammation (diet/nutrition, environmental changes, traditional medications, acupuncture, cold laser, and more). We’re excited to offer Librela and Solensia as additional choices to manage chronic pain symptoms associated with arthritis. 

A Look at Librela and Solensia

Librela is a medication to help arthritis symptoms in dogs. Solensia is for cats. Both medications employ an animal-specific antibody that identifies and attaches to a protein messenger called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). 

  • Once attached to NGF, the antibody prevents it from sending signals to nerve cells.
  • Because the antibody targets and interrupts the message that translates into discomfort, tenderness, and sensitivity, pets get a break from the sensations. 
  • These medications can reduce swelling that often accompanies arthritis. 

What Pet Owners Should Know

The dose must be administered under the care of a veterinarian and is dependent on the pet’s weight. While the use of Librela and Solensia result in fewer side effects than other traditional arthritis treatments (primarily NSAIDs), there are certain contraindications that warrant attention.

Other arthritis treatments follow a daily or weekly administration protocol, but Librela and Solensia are given as a monthly subcutaneous injection at our hospital. The injections don’t require blood work panels to monitor efficacy, but measurable relief may take more than one injection. 

As a proven treatment for pain management, Librela and Solensia can offer a great deal of relief to suffering pets. If you’re wondering whether your pet could benefit from one of these safe, effective medications, please give us a call at (720) 894-4005. Our staff at Coal Creek Animal Hospital only want the best for your pet.